Maine Educators’ Consortium  courses run online for  5-6 weeks.  Internships and student teaching are the only courses which require a physical or virtual Zoom type presence. 

A  course is divided into “weeks”. There are no physical or virtual meetings required.  Each week you will find assigned readings, discussions,  assignments and/or tasks,  all of  which are typically due by the end of that particular week. 

Discussions are asynchronous, you do not have to be online at any particular time.  Instructors do ask students to log into class and respond to the discussion topic at the beginning of the week .  Students are then expected to return to the discussion throughout the week to read and respond to fellow classmate’s posts.

MEC’s registration page may be found at

For self paying students, payment is due prior to the first day of the course.   For payments coming from school/district/employer/3rd party billing, a purchase order(number) will be required before the end of the course.  

 Unfortunately we are not able to provide any financial assistance or payment plans.