EDTE 501ME Multimedia – Empowering Students (having fun with media tools)

This course addresses the need to help students use their knowledge to analyze, create, solve problems, communicate, collaborate, and innovate. This course offers the perfect, hands-on approach to using multimedia in everyday practice.

The course is centered around the easy-to-use DDD-E model—Decide, Design, Develop, and Evaluate—coupled with practical advice on how to effectively integrate the development of multimedia projects into classrooms. Focus is on student learning outcomes and such issues as classroom management, grouping alternatives, computer scheduling options, design stages, and assessments. Students will learn how to select and plan multimedia projects; use hypermedia programs and presentation and development tools; manage graphics, audio, and digital video; and create webpages. Project suggestions come complete with a scenario, overview, topics, and reproducible worksheets, and can be easily adapted for different grade levels.[1]

We’ll spend the time during this course exploring and integrating different types of media such as digital graphic arts, photography, printed design, stop motion animation, using hypermedia in presentations, and creating Google Map tours. Lots of applications to use both in and out of the classroom!!

Required Text:  Multimedia Projects in Education: Designing, Producing, and Assessing ISBN-10: 1598845349

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