EDTS 503ME EDPV 592 Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy explores adult literacy research, theory, programming, and instructional practices of adult literacy.  The course examines the role of adult education as it pertains to adult learners’ needs and their roles as parents, workers, and community members.  The course addresses a broad range of topics, including adult learning theories, considerations for English language learners, reading and numeracy, health literacy, workforce and corrections education, and transitioning adults to postsecondary education or training. Readings and activities will draw on theoretical and practical aspects of adult education and family literacy.

This course offers “a practical guide, along with an array of methodologies, for the practitioner dealing with the major aspects of understanding and facilitating adult learning, including the characteristics of a good teacher of adults, how to identify one’s teaching style and what it means in terms of teaching adult learners, teaching strategies, and dilemmas faced by teachers of adults”.[1]

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