EDTE 505ME Digital Storytelling with iMovie

Everybody’s got a story to tell, an experience to share, or a trip to showcase! In this class we’ll be learning how to plan a project using a storyboard, explore different ways to shoot videos and pictures, and edit your video and pictures. We will also explore the uses of digital media technology in the classroom and how to provide first-hand experience engaging with students using digital media. Participants will consider the challenges, benefits, and pitfalls of the educational application of communication technology through discussion of readings and experiences in public school classrooms. Questions addressed include: How do digital media shift the relationships between various sites of learning including the school, the home, and the workplace? What are the challenges digital media presents to teachers, students, and schools? How do educational uses of digital media compare to older technologies such as pen and paper, textbooks, film cameras, and analog video?  How do gender, class, and age affect the way students and teachers respond to and learn digital media? How can Digital Storytelling help improve our student’s learning?

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