EDLD 500ME School Finance and Budget

This course** will focus upon the fundamentals of school finance. You will be introduced to the fiscal concepts and practices related to the budgeting process. According to our author (Hartman): “The school budget has always been of crucial importance to school administrators, but has received relatively little attention to date” (p. v). Many administrators consider the school budgeting process as a “necessary evil” but this process is one that can make a principal’s job be very successful or very unsuccessful. During this course, we will review the school accounting system, the components of a school district budget, the development, marketing, management, and control of a school budget, state accounting terminology and classification of accounts, and school board policy. We will also review revenue and expenditure items over which principals have little or no control and how that affects the school budget. The course will close with a review of the use and impact of technology and the future of school budgeting. The intent of this course is to present future principals with an in-depth practical knowledge of the school district budgeting process.

PLEASE NOTE: This course requires you to have access to at least a 3-year district budget.

**Please obtain a copy of your local school budget to be used throughout this course BEFORE THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS
Required Text: See registration page

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