EA 507 Cultural Diversity (for Endicott M. Ed students) EDLD508ME Cultural Differences (Southern New Hampshire University)

This course examines how diversity, in its many forms, presents major challenges and opportunities in our schools, workplace, and in the larger society.  It focuses on competencies in the form of awareness, understanding, and skills that maximize resources and empower individuals and groups with a wide variety of interests, talents, and cultural backgrounds.  In today’s global environment, college graduates and employees in educational systems are fully expected to collaborate with others as members of socially diverse teams, groups, organizations, and communities.  Students will examine a variety of issues such as the development of key skills, communication, teamwork, networking, and leadership in the context of an increasingly complex and dynamic cultural environment.  The focus will be on effective strategies to understand the power of language, and identifying our personal barriers that impact cultural differences in the educational leadership arena.

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