EA 574 Internship- Administration Leadership

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The reflective seminar course is designed to support students while assuming the role of a school administrator. This seminar offers field-based experiences and joint supervision of a school administrator.

School administrative seminar is the bridge between classroom teachers and first-time leadership positions. Research shows that quality Internships/seminars are equally as important as the graduate programs themselves in establishing leadership practices that improve teaching, learning, and school conditions. This course is a stand-alone graduate course that serves as a guide and support for creating and managing quality school leader internship programs. This course provides step-by-step guidance for interns, their supervisors, and their faculty on how to initiate an internship and evaluate interns’ work. Course goals are aligned with the ISLLC standards.

Required Readings The Standards-Based Administrative Seminar: Putting the ISLLC Standards into Practice Jul 26, 2012, by Donald G. Hackmann and Donna M. Schmitt-Oliver ISBN 9780810844261.

School Leader Internship:  Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Your Leadership Experience, 3rd Edition Published by Routledge 2013,  Authors:  Gary F. Martin, Arnold B. Danzig, William F. Wright, Richard A. Flanary and Fred Brown  (ISBN 978-1-59667-203-1)

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