EA 535 Strategic Management and Design

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This course is designed to address the critical role of developing and sustaining a professional school culture that promotes success for all students through reflective practice, high expectations of all stakeholders, and continuous learning for all staff. Challenged by external demands for increasing levels of student achievement, the use of standards-based testing, and high-profile school accountability systems, the vital leadership role in shaping and sustaining the critical elements of a professional school culture – the mission, vision, traditions, norms, and values – is essential to shaping a high-performance and purpose-driven school organization. This course will engage learners in an exploration of theories and strategies for engaging professional staff in the process of creating a shared vision and mission for the school community that is student-focused and grounded in core values that guide communications and decision-making activities within the school organization.

Required Texts: 

  • Shirley and Sommers, William A. (2007). Leading professional learning communities. Corwin Press ISBN-13: 978-1412944779
  • Oneill, Jan. (2005). The Power of Smart Goals: Using Goals to Improve Student Learning. Solution Tree Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1932127874
  • Reason, Casey S. (2009). Leading a learning organization: The science of working with others. Solution Tree Publishing. ASIN: B010TTCLCG
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