Please Note: Maine Educators’ Consortium’s 6-week online courses are accelerated versions of a typical college semester(12 weeks); participation and high level of academic expectations are the same.   MECS courses are intense, fast-paced, with heavy concentrations on written discussions and assignments. Weekly discussions are dependent on peer interactions therefore late discussion entries cannot be accepted beyond the weekly due date. Weekly online participation is a must.
Please consult with Director prior to course registration.

Maine Educators’ Consortium prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of disability and takes action to prevent such discrimination by providing “reasonable accommodations” to eligible students with disabilities.

Maine Educators’ Consortium recognizes that to disclose any disability is a personal choice that every applicant may exercise. We respect this choice; however, a student requesting accommodations is required to self-disclose prior to registering and prior to attending class.

Procedure for Students Requesting Disability Support Services:

  1. Contact Maine Educators’ Consortium prior to registering director@maineeducator.com to inform MEC of the intent to request support services.
  2. Provide medical professional with MEC’s Disability Eligibility Form. Please advise medical professional to mail form/s directly to MEC. Form is due two weeks prior to course starting date. Disability Eligibility Form available upon request.
  3. Complete an intake interview with MEC Executive Director (in person, by phone, or via email) to discuss documentation and accommodation history to determine one’s disability status and needs. These determinations are made on a case-by-case basis.

MEC has final determination on providing student accommodations.  Decision will be based upon specifics of the individual’s disability-related needs in conjunction with MEC’s unique operational system.

Accommodations do not include remedial interventions.

STATE AND FEDERAL Policies- available on request:

Maine Educators’ Consortium By-Laws
Conflict of Interest-Whistleblower
Record Retention
Non- Discrimination PolicyCode of Ethics